“Black Lips”

Family Tree “Black Lips”


Although this is my first time hearing this band the indie rock kind of vibe of the track totally fits the some of the type of music I listen to. It reminds me of going to when I used to go to shows in Brooklyn to see local bands play. I loved going out on a Saturday night to Shea Stadium (Williamsburg venue) or knitting factory to see bands like The Shapes or The So So Glows, and this song definitely reminds me of that.

With that being said the actual imagery of the music video seems pretty random. In my opinion it seems the artists thought when making this video was “what is the craziest or weirdest shot we can film to catch the audience eye?” Each scenario in the video doesn’t really work together for me, but the thing have in common is rebellion. Although there isn’t a direct storyline or point the point that comes across from this is to not conform to what we see in society.

One thing that caught my attention is the creativity of what went in to the scenes. They did a good job coming up with the visual ideas then executing them to come across to the viewer. I can tell thought went into what materials went into the production, and what costumes go with each character. One thing that stuck out to me was the two men in military themed outfits kissing each other which is one example of a protest to the norms of society. This is just one example of how the video displays rejection to what is typically viewed as normal, but the main theme of each detail is to oppose the general views of our modern culture. These points make the video more appealing to millennial since our mindsets are generally more open; Millennial are not as subservient to traditional views as generations before us.

In conclusion, I feel like the main point of the video was to make a dramatic impact of the viewer, then that leaves it up to the viewer to understand how it makes them feel.


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