Pepsi and Beyonce

Obviously both Pepsi and Beyonce will benefit from the advertising of each others Brands. They are both extremely big names so what better way then to collab with one another for promo?

But the real issue being discussed is why would Beyonce be willing to represent the Pepsi brand? It seems contradictory to what she normally stands for. When people think of Beyonce they usually view a fit individual, most likely health conscious and strong, but Pepsi is a clearly unhealthy product that does not affect people in a beneficial way. (well at least not health wise). Her claim is that they help her to accomplish her creativity but this just seems like a false claim. To be honest all I see from this is the fact that money is involved and that’s what Beyonce gains from representing the brand. Why else would she advertise such a product that doesn’t go along with her lifestyle? Her actions are also contradictory since people do view her as a role model she is giving a false image of what Pepsi is. It may give the impression that Pepsi is not a harmful product because somebody like Beyonce is associated with it. To me, all this is is marketing and advertising. Most people probably don’t recognize how advertisers and the media sneak their way in to your mind but there are so many little things that train us to stay locked in to their control. Advertising is what makes this country, so a big pop star like Beyonce who is a symbol in pop culture is the perfect subject to get an advertisement through to people.

That being said I think the point of the article is to display these oddities to the reader so people can be more aware of what even a positive star like Beyonce (amongst others) are up to. The article may be trying to reach out to relatively young people who aren’t usually thinking about how these advertisers are trying to reach them.


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