All in the Fam

Just watched “All in the Family” for the first time. First of all I realize this is where “Family Guy” got their inspiration from, especially the opening song! Even the two characters are so similar in each show.

Archie’s character is very out there and I found the shoe super entertaining. The show is definitely meant adults and young adults.  Certain jokes and subjects are pretty raunchy yet the show is still easy to watch. I like how it’s based in the 70’s and references 70’s culture such as the episode when Edith contacts the swinger couple without realizing they’re wife swappers.

The show is interesting because it portrays a “typical” American family but there are so many different personalities in the house. Archie is the typical white guy who goes to work and comes home to his wife. Edith is a housewife who has a  ice innocent personality and she deals with his crazy personality. Then what makes it better is the daughter and her husband Michael who are sort of the younger couple with the more modern point of view on social topics and how they look at life especially Michael. Overall, the show is funny and I wouldn’t take anything about it too seriously. It’s just entertaining and a good thing to watch about certain experiences in a humorous way. It definitely has affected future tv programs and that awesome about it. I’m glad to be watching the shows we have now because of it.



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