OK Computer

I’ve always been a fan of Radiohead’s music but never actually went out of my way to listen to a whole album. I have heard some of these songs before but it was good to actually listen to more of their stuff more consciously.

First of all I really like the instrumentals of their music. I like the alternative rock type sound and I can hear the talent in the music and that it was thoughtfully produced. Their music is calming and chill, it’s good to listen to any time like either on my way to work or going home. With a lot of other music I have to be in the mood for it, but with Radiohead I can enjoy their sound regardless of my mood.

The lyrics were also really poetic and artistic. Their songs somehow sound simple but still meaningful. The lyrics are really descriptive without using a lot of adjectives and they’re even metaphorical yet strait forward at the same time. The album as a whole is sort of sad. Each song of course has it’s own meaning but overall I noticed that throughout the album it seems like he’s talking about being his real self, and finding more out of life then what one may be stuck in, or what is immediately presented to him. In more then one of the songs I also get the impression that he’s in a city like New York if not actually New York. I can relate to a few of the songs. For example I feel like in “Subterranean Homesick Alien” he started out describing walking down the sidewalks of NYC. At least that’s the thoughts I had when I was a kid, walking down the pavement stepping between the cracks during summertime and looking up at the sky with a sense of wonder and freedom. I even still do that. I love how he’s singing about the idea of humans being watched by aliens and describes people as being stuck in their secrets and themselves. This is really relatable to the way I think, because I always love looking into the sky, and I always wonder why people are so wrapped up in themselves and forget to think about what is outside of us.

There was another song I have heard before “Fake Plastic Trees” that I thought was really good. It’s basically all about a relationship where nothing was real, even the guy in the relationship was a plastic surgeon. I feel like I’ve been in a relationship like this, and many other people have as well. It’s like everything about it or the person seems perfect, seem like that’s what you should want or that’s who you should be, but you don’t feel right about it. So even though the song(s) may seem sad, I feel like their message is still positive because of the awareness of those subjects. I do respect the songwriter for using this as a subject and facing those sad things about life that are so easy to repress, and it does impact me emotionally and it’s music that I can connect to in various ways. That is really what I love about music, that it’s an art form of expression by the person creating it, and it also reaches other individuals and helps others with their emotions and lives.


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