Corny Infomercial

Every time I see an infomercial I think, well it can’t get any worse then this! But they always prove me wrong, especially after seeing one from maybe the 80’s? Ron Popeil’s pasta maker commercial was hilarious, and bad…

It was so funny seeing the throwback quality of the filming. So many things that were different and seem so long ago but I can remember from my lifetime like VHS and cassette videos, people sending checks instead of using a credit card because not everyone had one, and most of all the fake and corny acting by the salespeople.

I couldn’t believe how many times they repeated the information about the product. It was like it’s meant to sell to a foreign person, or just the biggest idiot on earth. Why did he name about twenty different pastas in a row while waiting for the pasta to be made in the machine?! So much of the commercial just seemed like it was killing time, and just so much repetition. As far as the price goes, they marked it down from around $300 to something like four payments of $40, but no Ron, four payments of $30! I feel like the machine is probably actually worth that much, and they just made up the expensive price to make it seem like you’re getting a deal. I mean, it must be cheap quality if they can include all that stuff for that price right? It’s just a sales tactic, “marking things down” so you buy it. I’ve seen that at Japanese restaurants; 50% off sushi! But it’s actually a pretty normal price. Also, the four payments adds up to over a hundred dollars, saying $39.99 makes it sound even more affordable. Mainly though, it was so corny and ridiculous.

Oh and when he made the clam sauce at the end that was just it for me. I was actually thinking oh maybe this will be good, but that sauce was a major disappointment. First of all, canned clams? Second of all, almost no seasoning, and the seasoning he chose was not great especially considering he used canned food. That sauce did not appeal to me it was so ridiculous, I’m sorry but in my head I was just thinking white people cooking haha! (No offense to all white folks, there are definitely some great ones out there.) I’m generally speaking about his classification of people, I mean this product does reach out to most likely middle aged people who are too busy or lazy to really cook but still want to feel “creative” in the kitchen.

Same with the rotisserie bbq commercial. It was super corny, but not as interesting as the pasta maker. They did a good job with convincing the viewer of his credibility by showing how many magazines he’d been featured in though. They used the same technique with the pricing, and demonstrating how easy the product is. I will admit that this machine looked possibly legit. Seems like the meat cooked pretty well in there and easily, but I still wouldn’t buy it! I’m too paranoid about the media.

Oh one other funny thing I noticed about the BBQ commercial, the camera cuts were so terrible! Film quality sucked so much, there were so many obviously different takes put together to make one shot. Overall Ron is a pretty good salesperson though…





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