Trump’s Absence

In the 2017 Whitehouse correspondents dinner it was very ironic that an Arabic person was the one to do this monologue. Especially since he pretty much was just cutting ass on Trump and other people or establishments who are on his side. Hasan Mianhaj himself even said nobody wanted to do it! Great opportunity for minority exposure.

The one thing I could not get over was the crowds reactions to his jokes! I mean he was pretty funny! Too bad he was performing in front of a room full of white people. His jokes didn’t seem to entirely land but he got good laughs from about half of the room…the other half either secretly hated him or was laughing with guilt. I’m assuming the room was full of trump supporters. There was just such an awkward energy in the crowd, but at the same time he wasn’t doing terrible. Surely though, if the crowd was a room full of democrats and minorities the reactions would be a totally different story.

I thought it was pretty clever how he incorporated pop culture into his jokes (especially about the president) like when he referred to our current president as being King Geoffrey (Game of Thrones reference). That went over some peoples heads and/or they tried not to laugh at the joke, as they did with many others.

Last but not least, thank you Hassan for pointing out multiple times how Trump didn’t show up!!! Another ironic thing…considering he uses the media mostly to say ridiculous statements and call attention to mass media and the audience on mass media, it’s ironic he deliberately avoided an event that does the same exact thing but in his direction. Its just so shady. It’s still just shocking to me how Trump still has supporters. Hasan’s point of people using trust instead of truth is still not valid because I don’t think Trump is truthful, and even if he was why would You trust somebody so “truthful” and impulsive? It’s almost perfect how an Arab guy was the person to do this, and trump being absent of this event. That’s why the audience reaction wasn’t particularly strong because they aren’t the type of crowd to have been in the shoes of a minority. That makes it even more clever when he created the scenario of the audience being minorities but put it in their perspective, but then, they’re not really minorities. Its just a reminder how this president is a reinforcement of separation in this country.


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